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Punat is located on the southern part of the island of Krk and is situated in one of the most beautiful and protected bays on the Adriatic.. Punat is about 30 km from the Krk Bridge and about 8 km south of the town of Krk.

Beaches and parks, rich vegetation, clear sea, sports and recreational opportunities (sailing, diving, skiing, surfing, tennis, acgua park, mini golf, walking, boating), homemade food offered in a variety of taverns and restaurants, especially the island of Košljun – make Punat a very popular tourist center.


Punat and Stara Baska are famous for their beautiful beaches, which are located close to the center of Punat or which can only be reached by boats. At the exit of the bay and at the end of the town we come to the pebble beaches that are famous of our island. Beaches are numerous and the swimmer will always find their place, and their leisure time will be able to fulfill the sporting amenities offered to you on the beach (water sports, volleyball… )